China Hire

China hire is at the heart of this company, hence its name! However, we also show you here the wide variety of ways that china can be incorporated into your event. Many of our sets of china are floral in design, as are teapots, but we also have a large selection of block colour sets, as well as highly fashionable Art Deco design pieces with their sleek lines and birds on display. In short, we hope to be able to provide you with the type of china which best suits your occasion and complement your colour scheme.


Our tea sets include cups, saucers, cake plates, sandwich plates, milk jugs, sugar bowls and tea pots. If you wish to allow your guests to share your food around then our 3 tier china cake stands are a must. They are a great way of getting people to interact around a large table, especially if they don’t know each other. We also have one tier glass cake stands if you wish to show off your cake and maybe ask one guest to cut it up for people using one of our cake knife.


Extra special items which can put the finishing touch to your event are also available. These include cake forks, teaspoons and sugar tongs. All of our cutlery is good EPNS quality, with some wear for authenticity. You may also like to complete the vintage/retro look with some of our authentic 1940s-60s table cloths. Even if you have large round tables, they still look fabulous in the centre. Afternoon teas or a special wedding tea party, whatever the occasion our china will look superb with cream teas and lots of lovely pearls and lace proving that old and new fashions can mix well.

We have a wide variety of tea and coffee pots, most of which are Sadler pots. All our pots are in excellent condition and are regularly checked for chips, cracks etc. Any pieces which are deemed not suitable for drinking out of or eating off are not thrown away unless they are considered too bad to use. You may, of course, use your other hired china for tealights as well, however we suggest placing the less valuable cups in places around your venue. Please note that no cups are kept with large defects, only those with hairline cracks – as the saying goes Make do and Mend!

Floral themes look wonderful all year round as there are so many flowers available for birthdays, tea parties and weddings these days. For a true English garden theme try searching for seasonal flowers. If you have lovely flowers at home in your garden, why not add some to our small crystal vases or vintage vases as well as your own bouquet?

China can also used to hold favours as well tie name tags on them. Teapots can also be used as vases for decorations and/or centrepieces. We have mini chalk number boards which sit nicely in teapots, maybe name your tables after memorable holiday locations to be unique. When doubled up with our pitchers, your flowers will look every inch of the English Garden look. For more detail and ideas please browse our gallery pages.